Thursday, 8 March 2018

A "Little" Tumble

My spouse took a tumble in the kitchen hitting his head.  Several hours later – 10 stitches and some good sketching. Glad he got off so lightly.

Marker pens, #Moleskinesketchbook 3.5”x5.5”

Friday, 23 February 2018

Summer Birthdays

I recently celebrated my birthday with our children and their families. It was a BIG number birthday, one of those after which you say "every day is a bonus". Elder grand daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday with me and we had a joint cake which required 2 toppings! The family shared an Airbnb house in the beach community of Avalon, just north of Sydney for a long weekend. It was successful bonding time for the 6 adults and 4 children, this being only the second summer that we are all living in the same country since 2002.

Here's the cake!

Clareview Beach is safe for little ones and oldies. 

The Airbnb house was marvellous except for it being (as we discovered belatedly) without air-conditioning. Temperatures soared to 47 degrees on the cricket pitch at the Sydney Cricket Ground that Sunday for the Ashes Series test cricket match between England and Australia. Luckily there was a coolish sea breeze in Avalon and a pool at the house to take refuge in. 

By the way Australia won.

Here's a sketch from an upstairs window. It was beginning to feel really hot that morning.

I love this photo of older grand daughter defying the ocean at Clareview Beach.

Marker pens, watercolour, #MoleskineWatercolourAlbum, 5x8”.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

From a Backdoor in Croydon

Here's the first couple of sketches for 2018! They were done from the back door of a house I was staying at in Croydon, NSW, Australia.

On the second morning I watched the neighbour next door feed wild birds in his backyard. Cockatoos and Lorikeets perched on his clothes hoist and helped themselves from a feeder he put out. What fun!

Here's another sketch looking the other way.

That's the Holy Innocents' Parish which also has a primary school. 

Marker pen, watercolour, #MoleskineWatercolourAlbum, 5x8” 

Friday, 12 January 2018

Sub-urban Sketching

You could say I like capturing the mundane. Here's a sketch looking down our street in Casey County. 

The weekly garbage collection for us is early Monday morning and everyone puts their wheelie bins (tall bins with wheels) out by the pavement the night before. Bins for garden waste and another for recycling are collected fortnightly. This red bin is the one for garden waste. 

Here's another sketch looking across my street. Agapanthus is a very popular plant with flowers in blue and white.

#LamyPen, #DeArtramentis Document Brown Ink, watercolour, #MoleskineWatercolourAlbum, 5x8”